Listed below are the finalists from the 2017 Art is Alive Film Festival, broken down by category:

Best Male Actor in a Short or Feature

Pete Dorton - Lou; Clint Carney  - Dry Blood; Gerard McNamee Jr. - Hip Priest; Kohl Beck - We Remember; Jake J. Meniani - Skin of the Night

Best Female Actor in a Short or Feature

Sarah Kiefer - High Heels, Sandals and Barefeet; Jennifer Jiles - The Waiting Room; Kelsey O'Brien - Enchantments; Briana White - Occupants; Catherine Duennebier - The Frogmarch

Best Screenplay:

Thank You, Emilia Earhart - Al Mertens; Rando and the Glitch -  Jim Kalergis; The Salt Box - Robert J. Rogers; All-American - Jessi Thind

Best Cinematography:

Dry Blood; Occupants; I Know You; Krueger: Tales From Elm Street; Follow Your Dreams

Best Director:

John Gallagher; Debra Markowitz; Michele Frankzeskos and Nancy Vazquez; Matthew Weiss; Jonathan D'Ambrosio

Best Comedic Short Film:

High Heels, Sandals and Barefeet; Legit; Follow Your Dreams; Halfway House

Best Dramatic Short Film:

Tit for Tat; We Remember; Lou; Waiting Room

Best Feature Film:

Dry Blood; Man in Red Bandana; The Frogmarch; Enchantments; The Right to Live


The inaugural year of the Art is Alive Film Festival accomplished three things:

I was able to combine actors, directors, producers and writers in one room and make many new connections and do some necessary networking. I was able to provide monetary compensation to both the winners and all the finalists. Although the amount is not as sizable as we would like, it is still something to produce more amazing art. Lastly, I am going to take these projects and plan screenings in other places outside of the festival itself. 

Let me just say that I am both proud and pleased to have been one of the four judges to both review and render awards to the following:

Best Male in A Feature or Short Film - Kohl Beck (We Remember)

Best Female in A Feature or Short Film - Kelsey O'Brien (Enchantments)

Best Cinematography - Clint Carney (Dry Blood)

Best Dramatic Short - Lou (Pete Dorton and Miguel Garzon Martinez)

Best Comedic Short - High Heels, Sandals and Barefeet (Sarah Kiefer and Harry Bainbridge)

Best Feature Film - The Frogmarch (Jonathan D'Ambrosio)

Best Director - Michele Frantzeskos and Nancy Vazquez (The Right to Live)

Best Screenplay - All American - Jessi Thind