These are the screenings for Sunday, August 19, 2018. Link to purchase tickets is below. This year's venue is Cha Cha's of Little Italy, with the address being 113 Mulberry Street.

11am - 1:15pm   Special Screening - American Fango - Written and Directed by Gabriele Altobelli

The story of a thirty year old Italian actor and former dancer for the love, concern and desire to grow is located in NEW YORK late eighties with a tourist visa of six months, looking for a job in black and identity.....
Through a series of experiences, meetings, hopes lived lightly and sometimes alienation that consume his enthusiasm led him to carve a niche in the BIG APPLE.

Unforeseen situations both good and evil ......
A sort of magnetism citizen who does not make you go away ......
Due to the hope of the opportunity to emerge ......
A sudden invitation and the most exclusive and elegant ......
The relationship with the city and the loneliness of the individual.
Ice cream "FANGO'S ICE CREAM" has a great success for our protagonist
and the realization of the "AMERICAN DREAM".

1:15pm- 2:15pm - Industry Panel - How to Harness Product Placement in Film - Narrated by Founder Cindy Mich

2:30pm - Premiere of Short Film "Heap" - Written and Directed by Stephen W Tenner and Kim Parshley

When the true meaning of having it all is measured by how much one's heart can hold...

3;15pm -5:00pm - Dramatic Shorts

"East End" - Directed by Jaime Zevallos

Shot in The Hamptons, the beautiful scenery will keep you entranced and make you question who 'the good guy' is and who is 'the bad guy' is in every story you hear.

"Candlestick Justice" - Directed by Mary Ferrara; Written by Sarah Kinsey

"Justice for all... or is it?"

A group of parents meet at a teacher's house to discuss a fight that happened between three students in the teacher's class.

"Road Less Traveled" - Written and Directed by Aric Iverson

After being betrayed by a friend, a conflicted man is forced to choose between sacrificing his soul or his life. 

5:15pm - 6:45 pm - Suspense Block 

"Power of Prayer" - Directed by Andrew Damon Henriques; Written by Drew Henriksen

While saving a deeply religious girl from a vicious attack, lone cowboy Roscoe is placed in the middle of a range war. The lines are blurred in this social satire.

"Androids" - Writer/Director - Christian Robert Varley

A man and his wife, are left traumatized and separated, after a vicious attack in their home. The man is taken, and his wounds are both repaired, then enhanced by a scientist, who gives him greater abilities. After a series of encounters, he discovers that his wife is still alive, and the two are gradually reunited. Androids is truly a tale full of action, adventure, and redemption.

7:00- Closing Ceremony/Awards 

Industry Panel - How to Harness Product Placement in Film

$ 10.00 USD

One of the many elements that those in film struggle with is financing. Although product placement is being accomplished, I see that not enough are embarking on such a practice. Because I work in cross platforms, I have the information and insight to help others to get money so movies can be made. Join for a 45 minute lecture on how to harness product placement in film.

Special Screening - "American Fango"

$ 5.00 USD

Screening of feature film "American Fango", followed by Q and A panel.

Premiere of Film "Heap"

$ 5.00 USD

Premiere of short film "Heap", with Q and A to follow.

Dramatic Shorts Block

$ 5.00 USD

Screenings of "East End", "Candlestick Justice" and "Road Less Traveled", with Q and A to follow.

Suspense Block #2

$ 5.00 USD

Screenings of "Power of Prayer" and "Androids, followed by Q and A.

Day Pass - Art is Alive Film Festival

$ 15.00 USD

This is a day pass good for all the film screenings and Q & A panels for August 19, 2018.

Awards Ceremony/Closing Night Party

$ 10.00 USD

Closing celebration and awards ceremony.