"My intent with this festival is simple: bring art alive again. This will be an event that emphasizes less on celebrity appearances, red carpets and expensive sponsors. It will be a forum for filmmakers and fans to meet and merge minds. It will be a foundation of fun while showcasing artistic souls and their work. It will be a weekend to honor the czars of independent cinema, and to initiate my platform of helping others to pursue their passions. I am also hoping to be able to raise enough funds to be able to award grants to those who wish to embark on their dream of one day donning the director hat." - Cindy Mich,  Founder

Submissions are being accepted starting December 17, 2017. Awards shall be given for the following:

Best Director

Best Short Film - Comedy

Best Short Film - Drama

Best Feature Film

Best Actor - Male

Best Actor - Female

Best Screenplay 

Best Cinematography