Hercules has added the All Country CHT model to the Ironman lineup

Hercules Tire and Rubber Co. expands Ironman brand range. The new model Ironman All Country CHT has become the first commercial highway tire in the brand offer. The novelty will dilute the existing range of Ironman, represented by all-terrain and mud tires for light-duty vehicles and SUV-class vehicles.

Ironman All Country CHT is a road tire with a five-ridge design that provides driving comfort, reliable grip and quick reactions to the driver's actions. They are intended for intensive use on commercial vehicles. All Country CHT tires are marked with “M + S”, guaranteeing the possibility of their use on snow and mud.

The optimized tread pattern of the new Ironman reduces the noise level for a more comfortable ride, says technical specialist ironman all country a/t review . Continuous shoulder ribs improve steering response and prevent uneven wear, helping to increase service life. Reinforced sidewalls protect against damage, and an improved rubber compound and reinforced internal structure provide high wear resistance and long service life.

Initially, Ironman All Country CHT tires will be available on the US market in 11 light truck sizes, covering rims with a bore diameter of 16 to 18 inches. Next year they will appear in Canada and Latin America.

Hercules breeders presented a new UHP model Raptis R-T5

Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. introduced the new all-season ultra-high performance tire Hercules Raptis R-T5. The manufacturer claims that the new UHP tires of the Raptis family will completely change the brand image.

Hercules romollers say that the Raptis R-T5 is made only from innovative materials and the latest technologies that provide excellent traction, unconditional control over the traffic situation and longer wear.

Thanks to the aggressive low-profile design, the Hercules Raptis RT5 tires can be used on popular sports cars such as the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang GT, Dodge Challenger, Infiniti G37, Volvo S60, Lexus IS 250, Subaru Impreza, Nissan 370Z and VW GTI. In total, the standard series of the new model has 38 dimensions for 17-20 inch disks.

Raptis R-T5 tires will be available in the US next month.

The Hercules Raptis R-T5 model includes the following features and benefits:

a tread made from high-quality silicone rubber compound and special EvacuTrack drain grooves improve wet grip
Zigzag 3D lamellas and asymmetrical tread pattern provide tight control and stability control;
CoolCourse temperature control system helps to increase tire life;
UTQG tires classification - 500 AA;
warranty mileage 75,000 kilometers.



We indicate in these pages the prices of the new motorcycles of all displacements. Prices are those in force given by the manufacturers or their distributors of motorcycles. They consider promotions if they are effective throughout the brand network. Rates do not take into account promotions and temporary discounts offered on an ad hoc or local basis by the dealers.

Our advice for the purchase of a new motorbike

Also in these pages the user will find the prices of used motorcycles that take into account an average mileage of 6000 km / year and a wear of tires and consumables. 50% at most. Beyond 6000 km per year, an additional discount must be made.

The age of the motorcycle corresponds to the date of its first entry into circulation.

Do not forget that many owners overestimate their motorcycle and that if you go through a dealer or a professional dealer to sell your bike this professional will reduce the official odds in case of a 15% recovery, because he will give his buyer a guarantee of 3 months and finally he has expenses to amortize. The recovery may also be reduced by reclamation costs.
Be aware that the manufacturer's warranty is assignable and does not stop with the sale of your motorcycle and that to benefit from this warranty must be made sure that the revisions imposed by the manufacturer have been made. These revisions are validated by the maintenance booklet which must be checked before acquiring a second-hand motorcycle still under warranty and also asking for a copy of the invoices.

Other things to know, equipment such as windshields, luggage racks or top cases are not included in the resale rate. In the best case it will be modestly taken back less 50% of the purchase value, except when it is part of a special series duly priced.
For the purchase of a used motorcycle we strongly recommend the use of a dealer that allows easier use and it is not necessarily more expensive. An individual is unlikely to be sued for hidden vice.

The advice of Motoservices

Whether a purchase to an individual or a dealer, avoid buying a used motorbike too far from your home because the savings you could have made will disappear very quickly in case of breakdown or latent defect and risk to complicate things enormously if you have to repatriate the bike to the seller. There is indeed a safe bet that this move will not be supported by the seller.
Finally remember that it is easier to continue, in case of problems, a dealership that has a storefront that an individual who can very easily be elusive.
Finally it is good to know that in case of hidden defect is better protected by a purchase made at a professional than an individual .