"My intent with this festival is simple: bring art alive again. I spent a span of two years covering film festivals as a member of the media, I began to discover that the main motivation for many of these events was not the movies. Because I am a leader and not one who lags, I took it upon myself to produce a platform whereby art would once again come alive. Less celebrity and red carpets; more about honoring the czars of independent cinema. Give filmmakers and fans a chance to mesh and make dreams happen. Show worthy work by astounding artisans. Lastly, help them to create more film through offering them more exposure and the essential - money." - Cindy Mich,  Founder

Submissions are being accepted starting December 17, 2017. Awards shall be given for the following:

Best Director

Best Short Film - Human Interest

Best Short Film - Suspense/Horror

Best Short Film - Drama

Best Feature Film

Best Actor - Male

Best Actor - Female

Best Screenplay 

Best Cinematography